List of 99 Excellent Causal Analysis Essay Topics

In creating an excellent causal analysis essay, a great deal of the work involves choosing good causal analysis essay topics or causal analysis essay topics that will be interesting to the reader and keep them interested in your work. If you are having trouble choosing the right topics for causal analysis essay, here are some good ideas for a causal analysis essay for college.

Causal Analysis Essay Topic Ideas

There are different areas where individuals need clarification, and these areas span across every sector and sphere of life. The following topics are divided into groups, depending on the category they belong to, below are 99 good causal analysis essay topics that college students can use for their causal analysis essay thesis. Let’s get started.

Causal Analysis Essay Topics on Artificial Intelligence

  1. It is possible for the world to be taken over by robots
  2. Artificial intelligence is the change the world needs
  3. Robots and machines reduce the efficiency of humans.
  4. Machine learning is a way to easily obtain confidential information.
  5. How artificial intelligence robs us of our privacy.
  6. How artificial intelligence robs us of our personal safety and security.
  7. Artificial intelligence in making better living possible.
  8. How artificial intelligence can be used to accurately predict natural disasters.
  9. Machines and their effects in building security.
  10. Robots and machines are the key to making stronger and more stable structures.
  11. Machine learning and development of infrastructural facilities.
  12. Robots can develop feelings and personalities.
  13. Applications of artificial intelligence in day-to-day activities.
  14. The use of machine learning in providing better health care services.
  15. How robots have developed their own language.
  16. The negative effects of artificial intelligence in human activities.
  17. Artificial intelligence can be seen as man playing God.
  18. How machines help to make life easier.
  19. Using artificial intelligence to spot patterns and profer solutions.
  20. The place of artificial intelligence in creating a stable economy.

Causal Analysis Essay Topic for Health

If you’re curious as to what would be a good causal analysis essay topic for health? Here are a few examples of causal analysis essay health topics:

  1. The effects of alcohol on cognitive behavior.
  2. A person’s mood has great impacts on their diet.
  3. As humans, we only use ten percent of our brains.
  4. The impact of social media on mental health.
  5. Certain foods can help improve mental health.
  6. Having pets can improve one’s overall well-being.
  7. Rabies is not a death sentence.
  8. Euthanasia is a safe medical practice.
  9. The internet is the easiest place to get bullied.
  10. The effects of houseplants in improving mood and social development.
  11. Exercises that help build brain power.
  12. How bone marrow transplants help sickle cell patients.
  13. How technology has affected current health trends.
  14. The right amount of water to drink in a day.
  15. How to stick to the recommended daily dietary amounts.
  16. Effects of sugar on blood vessels.
  17. Low- and high-density lipoproteins and their effects on blood vessels.
  18. How to reduce stroke in young adults.
  19. The importance of fruits in achieving longevity.
  20. Pollution as a cause of mental and cognitive decline.

Topics for causal analysis essay social, environmental, political students can use

  1. The effects of social media in curbing racism
  2. How will a unified government solve the world’s problems?
  3. Why GMOs can help eradicate hunger.
  4. What makes a country a third world country?
  5. The positive impacts of the internet on relationships
  6. The negative effects of the internet on relationships
  7. The power of social media in politics.
  8. Women have to work twice as much because of patriarchal society.
  9. Global warming is a real threat.
  10. Water pollution is one of the causes of famine.
  11. Social media impairs a person’s ability to properly interact.
  12. The global lockdown has changed the basis for interaction.
  13. Students from poor backgrounds have higher chances of succeeding in school.
  14. Students from poor backgrounds have lower chances of succeeding in school.
  15. Racism and its relation to ethnic cleansing.
  16. Racism in early times and racism today.
  17. Harmful effects of the caste system in today’s society.
  18. The impact of the Black Lives Matter movement around the world.
  19. Reasons for political conflicts in 2010.
  20. The ripple effects of the 9/11 attacks.
  21. Women are better caregivers than men.
  22. What makes tyrannical politicians remain in power?
  23. Gun laws and its effects in the United States.
  24. The effects of having integrity.
  25. Human activities are hindering the Earth’s recovery.
  26. The effects of the global pandemic in the educational sectors of the world.
  27. Prevalence of corruption in first world countries.
  28. The effects of good governance in poor countries.
  29. Communication gaps have widened with social media prevalence.
  30. The effects of global warming on security.
  31. How pollution control measures will create jobs.
  32. Environmental pollution is a major cause of road accidents.
  33. Environmental conservation should be taught in elementary schools.
  34. How recycling helps the environment.
  35. The importance of plants in ensuring a stable and healthy environment.
  36. Societal norms that are symbolic of racial discrimination.
  37. Factors that contribute to political conflicts.
  38. How first world countries exploit second and third world countries.
  39. The importance of having a strong military force in any country.

Causal Analysis Sports Essay Topics

  1. Steroids are a necessary evil in body building
  2. The effects of energy drinks in athletic performance
  3. Protein supplements are not there to help athletes
  4. Sports help young people form strong bonds
  5. Juggling sports and academics is stressful for athletes
  6. Preferential treatment of athletes over other college students
  7. Dietary restrictions hinder athletic performance
  8. Regular checkups can improve sports performance
  9. Engaging in sporting activities can help improve mental health
  10. How engaging in sports can reduce security lapses
  11. How engaging in sports helps students build focus and endurance
  12. The prevalence of eating disorders amongst athletes
  13. How sports encourage young people to develop unhealthy diets
  14. Effects of meditation in sports performance
  15. The effects of steroids on athletic performance
  16. Causes and effects of muscle cramps
  17. How stretching before intense exercises and sports can help reduce muscle injuries
  18. How finding the right sports trainer can determine one’s athletic performance
  19. The right kind of sports for different body types
  20. Healthy and unhealthy competition among sportspeople.

Wrap Up

These causal analysis essay topics no doubt cover a wide range of events and their causes. However, they are just a few of the many other possible suggestions. These topics will help any student thoroughly examine human life and how humans interact with other humans and the environment at large. It teaches them how the present activities of humans affect the future. The topics provide a good point for the student to start carrying out surveys and investigations. Pick the right topic, or any of the causal analysis essay topics that call out to you and get started on your causal analysis essay.

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